UP Aviation® was started with the goal of changing how Purchasing supports R&D. We are now working quietly within the Supply Chain Management Industry as a “Go-to R&D Supplier” for Government, Aerospace, Marine, Utility and Automotive manufacturers. Our value has been and continues to be maintaining complete client anonymity while delivering cost transparency and dock date accountability for all Bill of Material purchases. In today’s hyper-competitive environment, delivering new and innovative products is critical to maintaining market superiority. However the continued problem of manufacturer anonymity is always present. We have witnessed a number of “Close to the Vest” R&D projects become public and derailed because tiered suppliers and others were able to piece together the Bill of Material. When purchasing parts on our clients behalf, UP Aviation® will never release or use names in any communication unless authorized which eliminates the ability for anyone to determine the end user or manufacturer.

As you know most tier suppliers, unless forced, will not release cost and profit models. We, however, are happy to not only share costs but profit models as well. As a matter of fact, most Purchase Orders we receive already have the markup included. UP Aviation® takes pride in being able to offer our services for a fair price which helps you to more reliably determine and control project costs.

Finally, a trait that is not unique but rarely seen today is dock date accountability. UP Aviation® prides itself in keeping you informed of all dock dates. We know how important it is to deliver your project on time and will do everything in our power to control dock dates.

UP Aviation® has spent the last seven years becoming a reliable asset for R&D facilities around the country and look forward to speaking to and sharing with you our innovative purchasing and costing strategies.


Owen Bowers



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